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My Story

Launch You has given me the opportunity to build a business around the things that matter most to me – my family, and helping others work towards creating more joy, meaning and freedom in their lives.

For me, there’s great reward in guiding people towards their own version of success and knowing that I played some part in helping them get there.

But, don’t just take my word for it...

“We can’t believe we’ve been able to create the lives we have! It takes hard work and effort, but if you’re prepared to put in the work you can create an amazing lifestyle!”

Chris, Gerard, Merrilee & Sandrine - Australia

“I left my corporate sales job 18 months after submitting my application having no idea what this was or what it could do for me… Everything you need under one roof to succeed at LIFE! I cannot thank you all enough.”

Amy Taylor - UK

"I was also enrolled at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL. I lost interest in their curriculum after beginning my training, and gained more knowledge and value after only 2 days than I had after 2 months at Full Sail"

Matthew Dacosta - USA

“The training provided is world class. Whether you want the best skills to promote your own business or to learn how to make money on the internet. This training is an absolute must!”

Greg & Fiona Scott - New Zealand

We're providing a superior experience - here’s what just a few of our members have to say about it...

With our education platform, we provide you access to:

We’ve got everything you need to create a successful online business, that you love to work on.

BUT, we also concentrate on something a lot more special. We also care about your personal development and mindset mastery, because we know that’s another fundamental key to your online, business and life success.

  • Search and access over 10,000 expert-led courses in business, creative and technology. 
  • Unique training modules created in-house by true industry leaders
  • Specialised digital business mastery programs
  • A tried and tested business system for you to start leveraging immediately

Discover The Recession-Proof Skills You Need To Build A Profitable Online Business Around Your Interests...

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It's Your Future

Discover a unique approach that you can start using today to develop the skills you need to build a business around your personal interests... AND HOW TO THEN TURN THEM INTO ENDLESS STREAMS OF INCOME!


Mark Curtis-Wood

“After hitting a major milestone with my first high-ticket sale, I hit another one of my goals. I am on the Leaderboard and in the Top 10 Revenue Producers. Hearing so many others share their wins, and to now be on the Leaderboard next to them, is an honor and another huge step on this journey to Digital Freedom.” 

Anna Jansson 

“I launched my first Google Search ad campaign after following their 8-week training. I'm now on my third sale from the campaign. I look forward to gathering some data to analyze and improve what I've put together and writing new articles to implement what I’ve learned. Thank you so much for this awesome training!” 

Lee Hopkins 

“YES, YES, YES! Ten days after launching my campaign, I have a sale! I have tears of joy as I write this. Thank you all. It really works, and I feel ecstatic!” 

Nathan Sewell 

"I’m on the Leaderboard for top sales! Never when I started this did I think I’d be here now! I'm not sharing this to boast. It’s to share that we all have doubts and fears. But no matter where you are, how much doubt you have, or how scared you are of failing... remember why you started, and you will always be successful!" 

Christin Solberg

"I made my first sale! This isn't about the money, it's about the breakthrough and the fact that I have learned something completely new and created value for someone else. It works. I had some tough days on the road, but whoever doesn't give up will succeed! Thank you, Launch You, for providing all this so I can learn and create!" 

Dan Carroll 

“I was really not enjoying where I was in life! I was stressed, tired, giving myself headaches, worrying about money, fed up with work, and nothing was going right. Before coming across Launch You, I had NO idea what I was going to do and how I was going to do it. Now, I've gone from zero to 15,000+ pounds (£) in one month!” 

Erika Lindström

“I have finally reached one of my biggest business dreams, to reach 100.000 USD in commission. I now have a SIX FIGURE BUSINESS, woohoo!" 

Robin Wilson 

“I got my first sale to say I am happy is an understatement. For me, this journey has been a life-changing experience, and to see my hard work start to pay off is mind-blowing...to go from not being able to work due to my health to then be in a position to provide for my family is an incredible win for me.” 

Rob Sewell 

“I signed up, I had no money, I had no job, I had a £360k debt. A year later I made $13k in one month. A year later I started a Life Coaching business. Everything I have learned and done within this community has given me the tools and inspiration to do something so radical with my life, sometimes I have to pinch myself.” 

Vicki Renz 

“I would like to share a huge win with you all. 30k ORGANIC views on my YouTube channel Oh My Mama Body is a website born out of my own pregnancy experiences, to help other mothers and I never would have brought it to life without Launch You.” 

Shae and Daniel

“We had a high-ticket affiliate sale which blew our socks off. Something about waking up and seeing Stu and Jay’s email in your inbox makes an average day become an amazing day.” 

Ingeborg Braas 

“I got my first sale to say I am happy is an understatement. For me, this journey has been a life-changing experience, and to see my hard work start to pay off is mind-blowing...to go from not being able to work due to my health to then be in a position to provide for my family is an incredible win for me.” 

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